Evoked Potential

Episode 4: Recovery and Recognition

Once the pilots and gotten out of their battle attire Melody with the rest of Alpha Squad with her, met up with them and congratulated them on a job well done. Now with the new Arcana in the base they all decide to show off their Arcana to each other, to give a basic understanding of how it works and how they will fight in it. The Alpha squad also goes over their Arcana to help Beta Squad fit in and work with them better. While looking at the Arcana engineers move around them working on cleaning up the damage, especially with the Hermit, and looking for any modifications the Japanese made to them.

After spending time looking at both the Alpha and Beta Squad Arcana, they all head to lunch. Once everyone sat down to eat conversation quickly began to flow to their powers and political situation. While everyone was happy to talk about theorizes of psychic powers and some weird abilities they’ve seen, when the conversation turned to politics things changed. The recent news that India threw out both the Japanese and American representatives for practically forcing the war on them caused Eliot, who had been silent through the meal thus far, to speak up. He expressed that India made the right choice in keeping itself out of the war at all costs and that the war has gone on so long and has used so many resources that it would be crazy for Japan to attack India. While Grant, Melody and Isaac strongly disagreed and argued that America was doing the right thing, Alex and Magnus quietly agreed with Elliot. When the argument paused briefly, Magnus and Elliot left, leaving the rest of the group to question Elliot’s and Mangus’s loyalties. Kamilla vouches for Magnus and explains his storied past with living on the streets after his mother’s death and his trial and she claims that Elliot has been fighting for so long and seen so much that his pessimism is justified.

Magnus, on his way to his room, gets a phone call on his hacked phone from Blitz. They makes some small talk them get down to business. Blitz tells Magnus that he has a good offer from someone in Darwin for some of the valuable supplies that would be stored in the barracks and that it would go a long was towards paying his debts to people. Magnus is reluctant to take the offer and tells Blitz that he’ll think about it, but getting caught would leave him dishonorably discharged and without any way of paying back the debts. Later, Magnus explains the situation to Kamilla and she advises him not to do it.

Just as everyone was finishing their meals Blair goes up and greets them. She explains that now that they have some free time it would be good to spend some time getting interviewed and/or meeting with Dr. Pajari. She especially recommended the interview as their first mission in the field was sure to get quite a bit of attention. At this point everyone heads off.



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