Evoked Potential

Episode 3: And So It Begins

The pilots, feeling down and anxious about having to retrieve their Arcana fro the Japanese go out to The Full House pub to get dinner and take thier minds off it. When there they meet the rest of Alpha Squad: Kamilla, Derrick and Melody. They also meet Ivan Reece, Blair’s husband who runs the pub. Magnus and Isaac play cards with Alpha squad while Alex and Grant drink their sorrows away. Over the course of the evening everyone gets to know each other a little better and Ivan tells Alex and Grant about how he was given the chance to be an Arcana pilot after a dramatic last stand with Blair, but turned it down. After a while everyone decides to head back to base and spend some time relaxing before going to sleep.

The next day everyone gets up bright and early to get eat breakfast and go to the mission briefing. While eating Ted encourage the group and then they get ready. The mission to retrieve the Arcana starts with the pilots and Ted getting dropped near the base, infiltrating it from its hydro plant, getting to the hanger and breaking out in the Arcana. Everyone then leaves to get suited up and get on the drop ship. Once near the enemy base they parachute down and swim to the hydro plant. Once inside they incapacitate two guards and disable the plant for a distraction. They manage to avoid detection as they slip past the barracks and through the storage area, finally making it to the hanger. Inside they see their four Arcana ready to be piloted with guards around the perimeter of the room and a control room up a flight of stairs. Ted tells them to get ready to run and get in the control room. The Arcana activated, the pilots run for the elevators while the guards fire at them and Ted takes them out. Once the elevators reach the top everyone climbs in their Arcana and Ted makes makes her escape.

With the mission half complete Grant tears the roof off the hanger and the Beta Squad gets ready for a fight. In the distance Alpha Squad drops in and takes on several squads of infantry while two Zodiacs the Tiger and the Snake emerge from another hanger and start to battle the newly recovered Arcana. The Tiger is able to dodge Alex’s attack and damage the Hermit severely. However, Isaac and Grant fair better against the snake dealing repeated damaging blows. The battle favors the Beta Squad when the Snake goes down, but everyone is forced to retreat, but the Japanese now have four less Arcana. Feeling better the Beta Squad celebrates their victory on the flight back to the Eliphas Barracks.



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