Evoked Potential

Episode 2: Getting Acquainted

Grant challenges Eliot to a virtual match and begin to fight. Grant tries to talk to Elliot at the start, but Elliot remains silent. Elliot pilots the Hanged Man, a gray hulking Arcana with metal coils wrapped around it’s neck arms and legs. Grant pilots the Tower, a fast acrobatic Arcana which he uses to strike out at the Hanged Man. During the brawl Eliot seems to read Grant and learn his fighting style quickly, but Grant maneuvers him into water and electrocutes him. Elliot uses the Hanged Man’s coils to grab the Tower’s arm, but in a desperate gamble Grant rips off its arm to strike the tower a strong blow, but it still stands and takes down the Tower. Grant and Eliot get out of their sim-pods, but Eliot brushes off Grants compliments and leaves.

Meanwhile, Isaac, Alex and Magnus are eating lunch with Ted. Ted tries to make small talk to try to get to know them and answer any questions they may have had. She explains that for a large portion of her life she only spoke with superiors or rivals and doesn’t really know how to hold a normal conversation. After talking for a while Ted leaves and the rest of the pilots slowly make there way to the sim-pods and practice together. They make it far fighting together, but clearly have a long way to go before they better understand how to fight as a unit. They spend some time resting in their rooms before going to speak with the Lieutenant General.

When they arrive at the meeting they see Blair and two other men. The first, a tall Australian male introduces himself as Brigadier General Vinnie Ledford. The second, an older Chinese man introduces himself as Minchin Zhang. Zhang asks how they are getting used to their new accommodations and if they have any unanswered questions. Isaac asks about the shamisen music they heard earlier and he explains that he does play the shamisen as a way to remind himself that the enemy is not without beauty and merit. Zhang, then in a more serious tone, explains that they do not actually have their Aracana. The plans for them were stolen soon after development and all records were erased, it was likely an inside job and the culprit hasn’t been found yet. However, spies determined the location of the Arcana and the plan became to break in and steal them when they were completed. The Arcana are being stored at the Yamamato Barrakcs on the norther coast of New Guinea and the next day they will be dropped in along with Ted to sneak in, get the Arcana and break out. The alpha squad would be nearby for backup when they are discovered. Unsettled by this news the pilots agree to meet the next morning for the mission and leave the briefing room. To lighten the mood Blair invites them to her husbands pub, the Full House, to celebrate their arrival and they pilots, still overwhelmed by the news slowly agree.



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