Evoked Potential

Episode 1: Pilots

As an airplane lands at the Darwin International Airport a the four new Arcana pilots rise and and informed by their guard that the press managed to hear about their “secret” arrival. When they step out into the terminal a myriad of camera flashes, cheers and reporter questions assail them. Isaac, always a fan of the cameras takes up most of the attention while his guard try to move him to the exit, half successfully. Grant, is quickly overwhelmed and waves to a few cameras and onlookers before moving along. Alex and Magnus do their best to avoid the attention, but the others do overhear reporters questioning Magnus about the death of his mother. Eventually, they all get past the media with Isaac taking some of the attention away from Magnus and Alex. A smaller crowd outside greets the pilots outside, protesting the deployment of more American troops in Australia, but the pilots are quickly moved into a Jeep guarded by four Diamonds.

As they drive towards the Eliphas Barracks a they try to get to know each other. Each pilot introduces himself and what Arcana he is piloting except for Magnus. Both Magnus and Alex keep quiet unless they are directly asked a question and even then they just give short responses. Grant can’t wait to actually pilot the Arcana and Isaac feels similarly. Eventually, after a awkward silence filled ride they arrive at Eliphas Barracks. When they get out their escort tells them to proceed to check in to get their IDs. The Diamond pilots open their cockpits and salute them and everyone walks away. One the pilots get their IDs the man doing check-in calls in Ted. Walking in is a teenage Hispanic girl with a shaved head who walks over to Grant and the rest of the pilots hugging each of them in sequence. The check-in man explains that she can detect psychic powers and also read those psychic’s “aura” effectively acting as a second means of identification. As quickly as she came Ted leaves without a word.

The pilots then head to their rooms to unpack their stuff before meeting with their superior officer. Their rooms are right next to Alpha Squad’s and it looks like a four person apartment, albeit with spartan accommodations. They all set up their stuff and everyone sits to watch TV except Alex who waits outside. Conversation is still uncomfortable as they all try to get used to each other and as they impatiently wait to see their Arcana. Eventually, they can’t wait any more and they head to the main building to meet with their superior Brigadier General Reece. As they approach Reece’s room they all hear music. Everyone except Isaac recognize it as a shamisen, a Japanese musical instrument, coming from a room down a different hall. They all go to investigate, but find it belongs to Lieutenant General Minchin Zhang. Upon discovering this, the pilots quickly move away planning to ask about it later.

They arrive at Reece’s office and find a twenty-something white woman with a robotic exoskeleton for her legs. She introduces herself as Blair Reece, telling them to just call her Blair and tells them that she was going to pilot the Sun Arcana, but becasue of her legs and other complications she couldn’t and was promoted to a officer position. They all share introductions and she informs them of what they need to know. She tells them that they won’t be able to see their Arcana for a while because apparently there are some complications. She also tells them about the base as a whole and tells them to meet with their psychiatrist Alexander Pajari. When Alpha Squad is brought up everyone except Grant recognizes someone, which catches everyone off guard.

Once everything is taken care of the pilots leave, but the commanding officer of Alpha Squad goes in to talk to Blair about how insanely unlikely it is that almost everyone in Alpha Squad knows someone from Beta Squad. Isaac overhears this and tells the others on the way to the psychiatrist’s room. When they get there they meet Dr. Pajari, a tall white man of Russian decent, who describes himself as a little obsessed with psychic abilities. He explains that every once and a while or when it is believed it is needed they will meet with him to have a session just so that they can get the stress of their job. They quickly move from their and realize that they have a great deal of free time until they need to meet with their superior again. Grant heads to the sim pods to do so more practicing, Isaac and Magnus go to the Dining hall and Alex just walks around the compound.



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