Evoked Potential

Episode 6: The Beta Offensive

The pilots head to the briefing room to learn what their next mission is. LTG Zhang informs them that the fight to take New Guinea has been going well, but now two major enemy bases stand in their way. Alpha Squad is being dispatched to take the one on the northern coast while Beta Squad is sent to take the southern one. However, Magnus is sent with Ted to take gather intelligence from a smaller base. Both Alpha and Beta will have ground troops fighting with them to take and hold the bases. Once the briefing was finished everyone went about their day until the next day where they got more specifics, suited up and flew out.

Once they arrived on land Beta Squad join five squads of suits, two diamonds and three clubs. After a short trek through a forest the base was in sight and everyone rushed in. Immediately the Arcana made short work of the mass produced Japanese infantry and took control of part of the base. As they entered they could hear the amplified voice of Jing Tai, the Dragon, telling them to surrender or else. Grant and Isaac advanced towards the Dragon while Alex moved the other way with most of the infantry, until the Rabbit slammed into him. While the fight against the Dragon started going well after he was being locked down by the Tower, Alex was taking a beating from the Rabbit nearly breaking his Arcana. In the same moment Alex and Grant gave it their all to finish the fight as soon as possible and nearly took out the Rabbit and Dragon forcing them to flee. Once the Zodiacs were gone the base was easily taken with only two casualties.

With the base taken reinforcements came in to secure and start to patch up the base. The Arcana were also given quick repairs so they didn’t fall apart before they could return to the Eliphas Barracks to be fully repaired. The day saved everyone flies back to base, some a little more damaged than others, but all intact. Arriving back they all leave the Arcana to be repaired and go out to get ice cream to celebrate another successful mission under their belt.



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