Evoked Potential

Episode 6: The Beta Offensive

The pilots head to the briefing room to learn what their next mission is. LTG Zhang informs them that the fight to take New Guinea has been going well, but now two major enemy bases stand in their way. Alpha Squad is being dispatched to take the one on the northern coast while Beta Squad is sent to take the southern one. However, Magnus is sent with Ted to take gather intelligence from a smaller base. Both Alpha and Beta will have ground troops fighting with them to take and hold the bases. Once the briefing was finished everyone went about their day until the next day where they got more specifics, suited up and flew out.

Once they arrived on land Beta Squad join five squads of suits, two diamonds and three clubs. After a short trek through a forest the base was in sight and everyone rushed in. Immediately the Arcana made short work of the mass produced Japanese infantry and took control of part of the base. As they entered they could hear the amplified voice of Jing Tai, the Dragon, telling them to surrender or else. Grant and Isaac advanced towards the Dragon while Alex moved the other way with most of the infantry, until the Rabbit slammed into him. While the fight against the Dragon started going well after he was being locked down by the Tower, Alex was taking a beating from the Rabbit nearly breaking his Arcana. In the same moment Alex and Grant gave it their all to finish the fight as soon as possible and nearly took out the Rabbit and Dragon forcing them to flee. Once the Zodiacs were gone the base was easily taken with only two casualties.

With the base taken reinforcements came in to secure and start to patch up the base. The Arcana were also given quick repairs so they didn’t fall apart before they could return to the Eliphas Barracks to be fully repaired. The day saved everyone flies back to base, some a little more damaged than others, but all intact. Arriving back they all leave the Arcana to be repaired and go out to get ice cream to celebrate another successful mission under their belt.

Episode 5: Clash of the Titans

A few days have passed since Beta Squad’s first mission. Blair informs them that they can read through the dossiers of the zodiac pilots that they fought. They all go to the briefing room to look at files of the tiger, dragon and snake. The tiger is piloted by Kimiko Akiyama, a brash and headstrong pilot who doesn’t care about the Japanese ways and just wants to prove that she is the best. The dragon is piloted by Jing Tai, the son of a powerful noble who trained him from birth to be the best warrior he could be and is one of the strongest pilots the Japanese have. The snake is piloted by Chika Nakahara, a mysteriously quiet pilot that not much is known about other than she keeps to herself and rarely engages with other pilots.

After analyzing the files to the best of their ability everyone goes their separate ways until Derrick messages them asking if everyone wants to have a team battle. Everyone gives their assent and make their way to the sim-pods. They choose to battle on the beach map and plan to take out the Star first as its attack is the most devastating. The fight goes badly at first with Kamilla keeping Isaac out of the fight and Melody doing the same with Magnus. Grant immediately goes for Derrick, but Eliot takes the hit for him. Grant eventually gets the upper hand and does a massive attack on the Star, but just falls short of disabling it. Derrick then uses the last of its power to cut the Tower in half.

Grant’s pod goes black as usual, but it doesn’t seem to turn back on and the PSN cord stays locked. As he tries to pull it out he sees something coming out of the darkness. As it comes closer he can see that it is a coffin, his sister’s coffin. At this sight, Grant starts cutting the PSN cord and just as he’s about to cut through it he hears his sister’s voice call out his name. Everyone’s sim-pods then open automatically to show the chief engineer hurriedly pushing buttons on the control panel. He quickly asks what was going on; Grant explains that his pod didn’t go back on and that it read his mind and the others said that they saw him glitch out and constantly leave and rejoin the game. Blair and a swarm of engineers arrive and discuss the possibility of it being foul play or just a glitch and after a few more questions they all leave.

Grant keeps to himself the rest of the day to gather his thoughts and the others, unsure of what to do continue with their regular routine. When night falls Grant and Alex calls it and early night, Magnus and Kamilla play some games and Isaac watches a show late into the night. The night however, wasn’t peaceful for Grant as he dreams himself back in the sim pod. He hears his sister whisper to him “do you know how to speak to the dead?” and when he replies that he doesn’t know she responds with “by sending a messenger.” Grant feels her leaving and shouts after her to explain and then wakes up with a jolt. He immediately goes to the sim-pods where his is locked down, but the others work. He plays until he loses and finds that nothing unusual happens and feels like he can breath easy now. After spending more time in their normal routine they all get a message from LTG Zhang to meet in the briefing room later for their next mission.

Episode 4: Recovery and Recognition

Once the pilots and gotten out of their battle attire Melody with the rest of Alpha Squad with her, met up with them and congratulated them on a job well done. Now with the new Arcana in the base they all decide to show off their Arcana to each other, to give a basic understanding of how it works and how they will fight in it. The Alpha squad also goes over their Arcana to help Beta Squad fit in and work with them better. While looking at the Arcana engineers move around them working on cleaning up the damage, especially with the Hermit, and looking for any modifications the Japanese made to them.

After spending time looking at both the Alpha and Beta Squad Arcana, they all head to lunch. Once everyone sat down to eat conversation quickly began to flow to their powers and political situation. While everyone was happy to talk about theorizes of psychic powers and some weird abilities they’ve seen, when the conversation turned to politics things changed. The recent news that India threw out both the Japanese and American representatives for practically forcing the war on them caused Eliot, who had been silent through the meal thus far, to speak up. He expressed that India made the right choice in keeping itself out of the war at all costs and that the war has gone on so long and has used so many resources that it would be crazy for Japan to attack India. While Grant, Melody and Isaac strongly disagreed and argued that America was doing the right thing, Alex and Magnus quietly agreed with Elliot. When the argument paused briefly, Magnus and Elliot left, leaving the rest of the group to question Elliot’s and Mangus’s loyalties. Kamilla vouches for Magnus and explains his storied past with living on the streets after his mother’s death and his trial and she claims that Elliot has been fighting for so long and seen so much that his pessimism is justified.

Magnus, on his way to his room, gets a phone call on his hacked phone from Blitz. They makes some small talk them get down to business. Blitz tells Magnus that he has a good offer from someone in Darwin for some of the valuable supplies that would be stored in the barracks and that it would go a long was towards paying his debts to people. Magnus is reluctant to take the offer and tells Blitz that he’ll think about it, but getting caught would leave him dishonorably discharged and without any way of paying back the debts. Later, Magnus explains the situation to Kamilla and she advises him not to do it.

Just as everyone was finishing their meals Blair goes up and greets them. She explains that now that they have some free time it would be good to spend some time getting interviewed and/or meeting with Dr. Pajari. She especially recommended the interview as their first mission in the field was sure to get quite a bit of attention. At this point everyone heads off.

Episode 3: And So It Begins

The pilots, feeling down and anxious about having to retrieve their Arcana fro the Japanese go out to The Full House pub to get dinner and take thier minds off it. When there they meet the rest of Alpha Squad: Kamilla, Derrick and Melody. They also meet Ivan Reece, Blair’s husband who runs the pub. Magnus and Isaac play cards with Alpha squad while Alex and Grant drink their sorrows away. Over the course of the evening everyone gets to know each other a little better and Ivan tells Alex and Grant about how he was given the chance to be an Arcana pilot after a dramatic last stand with Blair, but turned it down. After a while everyone decides to head back to base and spend some time relaxing before going to sleep.

The next day everyone gets up bright and early to get eat breakfast and go to the mission briefing. While eating Ted encourage the group and then they get ready. The mission to retrieve the Arcana starts with the pilots and Ted getting dropped near the base, infiltrating it from its hydro plant, getting to the hanger and breaking out in the Arcana. Everyone then leaves to get suited up and get on the drop ship. Once near the enemy base they parachute down and swim to the hydro plant. Once inside they incapacitate two guards and disable the plant for a distraction. They manage to avoid detection as they slip past the barracks and through the storage area, finally making it to the hanger. Inside they see their four Arcana ready to be piloted with guards around the perimeter of the room and a control room up a flight of stairs. Ted tells them to get ready to run and get in the control room. The Arcana activated, the pilots run for the elevators while the guards fire at them and Ted takes them out. Once the elevators reach the top everyone climbs in their Arcana and Ted makes makes her escape.

With the mission half complete Grant tears the roof off the hanger and the Beta Squad gets ready for a fight. In the distance Alpha Squad drops in and takes on several squads of infantry while two Zodiacs the Tiger and the Snake emerge from another hanger and start to battle the newly recovered Arcana. The Tiger is able to dodge Alex’s attack and damage the Hermit severely. However, Isaac and Grant fair better against the snake dealing repeated damaging blows. The battle favors the Beta Squad when the Snake goes down, but everyone is forced to retreat, but the Japanese now have four less Arcana. Feeling better the Beta Squad celebrates their victory on the flight back to the Eliphas Barracks.

Episode 2: Getting Acquainted

Grant challenges Eliot to a virtual match and begin to fight. Grant tries to talk to Elliot at the start, but Elliot remains silent. Elliot pilots the Hanged Man, a gray hulking Arcana with metal coils wrapped around it’s neck arms and legs. Grant pilots the Tower, a fast acrobatic Arcana which he uses to strike out at the Hanged Man. During the brawl Eliot seems to read Grant and learn his fighting style quickly, but Grant maneuvers him into water and electrocutes him. Elliot uses the Hanged Man’s coils to grab the Tower’s arm, but in a desperate gamble Grant rips off its arm to strike the tower a strong blow, but it still stands and takes down the Tower. Grant and Eliot get out of their sim-pods, but Eliot brushes off Grants compliments and leaves.

Meanwhile, Isaac, Alex and Magnus are eating lunch with Ted. Ted tries to make small talk to try to get to know them and answer any questions they may have had. She explains that for a large portion of her life she only spoke with superiors or rivals and doesn’t really know how to hold a normal conversation. After talking for a while Ted leaves and the rest of the pilots slowly make there way to the sim-pods and practice together. They make it far fighting together, but clearly have a long way to go before they better understand how to fight as a unit. They spend some time resting in their rooms before going to speak with the Lieutenant General.

When they arrive at the meeting they see Blair and two other men. The first, a tall Australian male introduces himself as Brigadier General Vinnie Ledford. The second, an older Chinese man introduces himself as Minchin Zhang. Zhang asks how they are getting used to their new accommodations and if they have any unanswered questions. Isaac asks about the shamisen music they heard earlier and he explains that he does play the shamisen as a way to remind himself that the enemy is not without beauty and merit. Zhang, then in a more serious tone, explains that they do not actually have their Aracana. The plans for them were stolen soon after development and all records were erased, it was likely an inside job and the culprit hasn’t been found yet. However, spies determined the location of the Arcana and the plan became to break in and steal them when they were completed. The Arcana are being stored at the Yamamato Barrakcs on the norther coast of New Guinea and the next day they will be dropped in along with Ted to sneak in, get the Arcana and break out. The alpha squad would be nearby for backup when they are discovered. Unsettled by this news the pilots agree to meet the next morning for the mission and leave the briefing room. To lighten the mood Blair invites them to her husbands pub, the Full House, to celebrate their arrival and they pilots, still overwhelmed by the news slowly agree.

Episode 1: Pilots

As an airplane lands at the Darwin International Airport a the four new Arcana pilots rise and and informed by their guard that the press managed to hear about their “secret” arrival. When they step out into the terminal a myriad of camera flashes, cheers and reporter questions assail them. Isaac, always a fan of the cameras takes up most of the attention while his guard try to move him to the exit, half successfully. Grant, is quickly overwhelmed and waves to a few cameras and onlookers before moving along. Alex and Magnus do their best to avoid the attention, but the others do overhear reporters questioning Magnus about the death of his mother. Eventually, they all get past the media with Isaac taking some of the attention away from Magnus and Alex. A smaller crowd outside greets the pilots outside, protesting the deployment of more American troops in Australia, but the pilots are quickly moved into a Jeep guarded by four Diamonds.

As they drive towards the Eliphas Barracks a they try to get to know each other. Each pilot introduces himself and what Arcana he is piloting except for Magnus. Both Magnus and Alex keep quiet unless they are directly asked a question and even then they just give short responses. Grant can’t wait to actually pilot the Arcana and Isaac feels similarly. Eventually, after a awkward silence filled ride they arrive at Eliphas Barracks. When they get out their escort tells them to proceed to check in to get their IDs. The Diamond pilots open their cockpits and salute them and everyone walks away. One the pilots get their IDs the man doing check-in calls in Ted. Walking in is a teenage Hispanic girl with a shaved head who walks over to Grant and the rest of the pilots hugging each of them in sequence. The check-in man explains that she can detect psychic powers and also read those psychic’s “aura” effectively acting as a second means of identification. As quickly as she came Ted leaves without a word.

The pilots then head to their rooms to unpack their stuff before meeting with their superior officer. Their rooms are right next to Alpha Squad’s and it looks like a four person apartment, albeit with spartan accommodations. They all set up their stuff and everyone sits to watch TV except Alex who waits outside. Conversation is still uncomfortable as they all try to get used to each other and as they impatiently wait to see their Arcana. Eventually, they can’t wait any more and they head to the main building to meet with their superior Brigadier General Reece. As they approach Reece’s room they all hear music. Everyone except Isaac recognize it as a shamisen, a Japanese musical instrument, coming from a room down a different hall. They all go to investigate, but find it belongs to Lieutenant General Minchin Zhang. Upon discovering this, the pilots quickly move away planning to ask about it later.

They arrive at Reece’s office and find a twenty-something white woman with a robotic exoskeleton for her legs. She introduces herself as Blair Reece, telling them to just call her Blair and tells them that she was going to pilot the Sun Arcana, but becasue of her legs and other complications she couldn’t and was promoted to a officer position. They all share introductions and she informs them of what they need to know. She tells them that they won’t be able to see their Arcana for a while because apparently there are some complications. She also tells them about the base as a whole and tells them to meet with their psychiatrist Alexander Pajari. When Alpha Squad is brought up everyone except Grant recognizes someone, which catches everyone off guard.

Once everything is taken care of the pilots leave, but the commanding officer of Alpha Squad goes in to talk to Blair about how insanely unlikely it is that almost everyone in Alpha Squad knows someone from Beta Squad. Isaac overhears this and tells the others on the way to the psychiatrist’s room. When they get there they meet Dr. Pajari, a tall white man of Russian decent, who describes himself as a little obsessed with psychic abilities. He explains that every once and a while or when it is believed it is needed they will meet with him to have a session just so that they can get the stress of their job. They quickly move from their and realize that they have a great deal of free time until they need to meet with their superior again. Grant heads to the sim pods to do so more practicing, Isaac and Magnus go to the Dining hall and Alex just walks around the compound.


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